Join the heat!

uFarm is an exciting new project, that is currently being developed in the City of The Hague. We’re going to build an urban farming greenhouse, that will be completely sustainable! To achieve this, at a low cost, we will use the surplus heat emitted by a nearby datacenter.

More information coming soon.

The Hague

We’re starting this project for the citizens of The Hague; we want to enable them to become part of a community that produces their food locally in an innovative and eco-friendly way.

A vacated office building

We will use an empty office building, which is still in great condition. With our uFarm, we want to contribute to the gentrification of this area, and use resources that are currently going to waste.

A unique way of re-using waste heat

We are going to be one of the first to use waste heat of a data center rather than just emitting it. By rerouting the heat to the greenhouse, we’re making it independent of classical energy needs.

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